artists' collections

Collecting, just the same as creating, is an individual act. It did not take us a long time after we started this project, to realise that it wasn’t only about getting to know the pieces and the collection, but it also meant discovering the collector and sometimes, we got to the conclusion that the artistic process itself defined the way they collect and relate with the different pieces. Artist - collector or Artist’s collections?

We thought of this project for the first time three years ago, with the aim of revealing that which is hidden or belonging to the private life. Colecciones de artistasfocuses on what the artist is interested in collecting and bringing within their private sphere, the reasons for this selections and the way they live together with these pieces. We like to inquire on the fact that every collection or gathering of pieces speaks of the owner’s personal anecdotes, their past and education, their affective and communitary life.

For a whole year we visited, together with Juan Goicochea -artist and photographer-, several working places, homes and ateliers from fourteen artists from our time and generation that sum up ten collections. Weinterviewed Jazmín Saidman, Nicolás Martella, Mariela Scafati, Carlos Herrera, IranaDouer, Laura Ojeda Bär, Fábrica de Estampas -Delfina Estrada y Victoria Volpini- and somecouplessuch as Flavia Da Rin and Luis Terán, Verónica Calfat and Manuel Sigüenza, Ana Clara soler and Juan Goicochea.

We tried not to get into de-territorialisation. We got involved in the collective performance of discovering, remembering, piling up, wandering around, dusting off and packing the pieces back again in their natural habitat. The instruction was clear: capture the real moment of the interview, show what places were inhabited by the pieces and in what ways. We never made use of a white background or took the pieces out of their context.

Pieces accumulated in boxes and drawers, walls covered with paintings, corners packed with objects, or just a small amount of works of art shown. In every case it is impossible to deny a special bond between the pieces and the artists. What we see in here is organic growth of love and care, exchange and admiration among artists.

We disposed some basic questions: How did the collection begin? What is the story behind each piece? Is a gathering of pieces necessarily a collection?

During the last months of the project we worked with the artists -and friends-, Mariana Sissia and Mercedes Irisarri on the design and developing of the web page that hosts these stories. We also worked together with a really young artist that translated these texts: Mayra vom Brocke.

Colecciones de artistas is also a collective and loving project that was made possible thanks to the artist’s generosity who opened their doors and trusted their stories to us and to the team that offered their point of view and adapted their schedule to the needs of it. It is also possible thanks to the support of Mecenazgo Cultural.

Daniela Varone
Valeria Pecoraro

Photography Juan Pardo Goicochea
Design Mariana Sissia
Development Mercedes Irisarri
Translation Mayra vom Brocke